Make Art Stop AIDS - Malawi, Teaser (2012)


Make Art Stop AIDS - Malawi 27 minute documentary (2012)

About the project

Make Art Stop AIDS - Malawi (2012) was commissioned by the UCLA Center for Art and Global Health.

The film documents an innovative HIV/AIDS outreach intervention project using participatory theatre. I was the director, editor and principal cinematographer.

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Malawian Lens

I'm on location with students Samuel, Flora and Susan to shoot 'Despa Vs Swazi'.


When you don't have a boyfriend by your Finale year of Chancellor College, you're a 'Despa', desperate for love. Despa Vs. Swazi is a short narrative film about love in the age of ChanCo, when a 'Swazi' (a shy guy, coined from Arnold Schwarzenegger films since he never has a love interest) collides with a Despa.


The Hunters, by Mwizalero Nyirenda (2012)

The Hunters is a 12-minute documentary short, inspired by John Marshall's classic film of the same name. Instead of hunting giraffe, however, a troupe of young boys range over some nearby bush in search of birds. The boys' spare, insightful commentary, combined with Nyirenda's elegant, observational camerawork, offers up an intimate account of a popular Malawian pastime. Ultimately, The Hunters unfolds as an impressive and exciting display of local skill and knowledge set against the backdrop of a contemporary African scene.


In Malawi, talking about condoms can bring shame or extreme discomfort. Student Godfrey Kambewa turns that idea on its head through a celebration of condoms through fashion. Models from Chancellor College walk the runway at an unprecedented fashion show of Condom Couture.


Every middle-income home in Malawi has a 'house boy' or 'house girl' -- staff to cook, clean and do laundry. Even Chancellor College students employ them. With inflation on the rise, student Chrispine Jere wonders about his house boy, Aman. Can the government minimum wage he makes be enough?


Homosexuality in Malawi is a hotly divisive topic. Filmmaker Mwizalero Nyirenda looks at a possible middle-ground through the pan-African concept of Umunthu.

Mwiza speaking with Undule Mwakasungula, the Executive Director of Malawi's Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation. 'Umunthu' is in post-production.


A video poem by fourth-year student Linda Sande.

About the project

In 2011 I received a Fulbright to produce the video series Malawian Lens at the University of Malawi.

The series increases the capacity of Chancellor College's fine arts and education departments to provide professional media training and opportunities to students.

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