Bartok's Romanian Dances

Dance 2 (2009)

Dance 1 (2009)

Dance 4 (2009)

Dance 3 (2009)

Dances 5 & 6 (2009)

About the project

These short videos were created for Les Harmonies, a music festival in Brittany, France, that pairs young classical musicians with video artists. I juxtaposed archival films of folk dances with the slow and mysterious movement of ink in water to contrast the playfulness of the strings with the underlying melancholy and ambivalence in some of the pieces. The archival footage features dancers from New York's immigrant population -- a nod to Bartok, who spent his last years in the city.

Special thanks to Sarah Bruner for her collaboration on the project.

Re:Memory 0-92

Baby (2003)

Twinkle 1 (2003)

Twinkle Coda (2003)

Spin (2003)

About the project

Video excerpts are from an installation for "Re:Memory 0-92", a dance show choreographed by Mimi Yin and performed at Chelsea Studio Gallery and Yale University Art Gallery in 2003. The piece imagines a lifetime in a woman's experience (from age 0 to age 92). Twinkle acts like a prelude to the project. The full video is 60 minutes long.

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